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Welcome To Krucialmix

Art means many things to different people. I have tried to capture and create art in a somewhat non traditional sense and let you decide.

Art is writing. Art is photography. Art is digital.  Creativity is Krucialmix. 

My work has been featured on stage, online, in art galleries and now through the Crypto space with Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). 

Own your own piece of unique items through OpenSea. 

Please note Krucialmix was Inspired by the 1989 Erasure mix of Drama!

2021 and beyond for Crypto Art

I believe 2022 is going to be the beginning of Cryptocurrency’s mainstream acceptance.  

 Artwork displayed in NFT format is here to stay, and they are not just CryptoKitties any longer. Established artists are getting into this space. 

Shop my collection on OpenSea by clicking the link below. 



Let’s chat! Feel free to contact me regarding crypto art and NFT’s.